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Radio Bagdad playlist 2.4.2008

FRANCESCO TRISTANO The Melody (C2 Beatless Remix) [The Melody, 2008/Infine]
STEREOLAB Vonal Declosion [Margerine Eclipse, 2004/Duophonic]
ERIC LAU Right side [New Territories, 2008/Ubiquity Records]
THE GO! TEAM We Just Wont Be Defeated [Are You Ready For More?, 2005/Cortex]
BECKETT & TAYLOR Where there you been gone find it [Hired New Hands, 2006/Hand On The Plow]
HUSKER DU Friend, you’ve got to fall [Warehouse: Songs And Stories, 1987/Warner Bros.Records]
WIM OUDIJK Khaos [The Leprechaun, 2007/Disco Fair]
TOM WAITS 2:19 [Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, 2006/Anti-]
CAMPHOR Daybreak [Drawn to dust, 2008/Friendly Fire Recordings]
CAMPHOR Deconstructed [Drawn to dust, 2008/Friendly Fire Recordings]
JAGA JAZZIST Toxic dart [The Stix, 2002/WEA International Inc.]
JAMIE LIDELL Little bit of feel good [Jim, 2008/Warp Records]
SHACKLETON Death is not final [Death Is Not Final 12", 2008/Skull Disco]
VELVET UNDERGROUND I’m Not a Young Man Anymore [Live at the Gymnasium, 2008/bootleg]
ENNIO MORRICONE Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene [Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene, 1970]
MEGAFAUN Lazy Suicide [Bury the square, 2008/Table of Elements]
FOCUS Round goes the gossip [Focus III, 1972/Polydor]
QUIET VILLAGE Pacific Rhythm [Silent movie, 2008/!K7]
PART TIMER Click it [Blue, 2007/flau]
YAMATAKA EYE Spa [Re... Remix?, 2008/Commons]
BORIS Next Saturn [Smile, 2008/Diwphalanx]
MARCH OF THE CARPENTER ANTS Gypsy cab (lo-fi) [Singles, sefl release]
CROOKRAM Hostile [19/76, 2008/Budabeats]
GRANT GREEN One Second After Death [The Final Comedown, 1971/Blue Note]
R. KELLY Trapped in the Closet Chapter 9 [Trapped in the Closet, 2005/Jive]
ROD LEE Dance My Pain Away [The Wire "...And All The Pieces Matter." Five Years Of Music From The Wire, 2008/Nonesuch]
PHILIP GREEN Last Vegas vacation [Follow the sun, 1958/Columbia]
KARL BLAU Noah Richards’ Sun [AM, 2008/Whistler]
PRAM The Silk Road [The Moving Frontier, 2007/Domino]
GARY HIGGINS Don’t Ya Know [Red Hash, 2005/Drag City]
REBEL STAR Iza nas [EP, 2007/Samizdat] free to download @ www. rebelstar-music. com

He looks around the kitchen, and says 'something is really weird',
She says 'why do you say that?' He says 'cos you keep tryin' to get me outta here',
He says 'ever since I been in this house your face has went from white to red
and remember when I first walked through the door you acted like you had seen a ghost from the dead'

Then he says 'girl if you hidin' something i'm gonna be so mad', then he hears
something fallin he says ' what the fuck was that?'
She says ' it sound like it came from upstairs, sounds like the plumbing',
He said 'woman that sound did not come from upstairs, i'll be damned if you're not up to something,

The sound that i just heard, it came from this kitchen, and then he looks over by the stove
while shes easin' over by the dishes. and then he walks over to the refridgerator and pushes it back,
and then he looks in her face, looks like shes about to have a heart-attack, then he notices the pie on the counter
One slice is missing, now the stories gettin' scary, cos he comes to realise that Bridget is allergic to cherry.

Then he slowly looks up at her and now her face is red as hell, he's breathing real hard,
movin' closer, she says 'hon you don't look so well'
And then he says move
She says no
He says move
She says no
BITCH MOVE!!! she moves, and then, he looks at the cabinet,
he walks to the cabinet, he's close to the cabinet, now he's opening the cabinet.
Now pause the movie cos what i'm about to say to ya'll is so damn twisted,
Not only is there a man in his cabinet, but the man... is a MIDGET!

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Radio Bagdad playlist 26.3.2008

LITTLE DRAGON Scribbled paper [Little Dragon, 2007/Peacefrog Records]
GNARLS BARKLEY Going On [The Odd Couple, 2008/Downtown Music]
HONEYBIRD & THE BIRDIES Nimisneki Pachamama [There is time, 2008]
THE BREEDERS Overglazed [Mountain Battles, 2008/4AD]
THE DODOS Jodi [Visiter, 2008/Frehchkiss Records]
LOW DEEP Jedi [Instrumentals, 2007]
TURIN BRAKES Red moon [Jackinabox, 2005/Source]
FUGAZI Epic problem [The Argument, 2001/Dischord Records]
SUGAR JC Auto [Beaster, 1992/Creation Records]
EARTH Rise To Glory [The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull, 2008/Southern Lord]
MOUSE ON MARS Twift shoeblade [Autoditacker, 1997/Too Pure Records]
LUKE VIBERT Get Your Head Down [ZEN CD - A Ninja Tune Retrospective, 2004/Ninja Tune]
ERIC B & RAKIM Follow the leader (Acapella) [Follow The Leader 12", 1988/UNI Records]
BOBBY BIRD I Know You Got Soul [7", 1971/King]
DAK Vehicle [2008]
ERYKAH BADY Master teacher [New Amerykah: Part One (4th World War), 2008/Motown]
FAT FREDDY’S DROP Wandering eye [Based On A True Story, 2005/The Drop]
PRINCE When We’re Dancing Close And Slow [Prince, 1979/Warner Bros. Records]
JENNIFER GENTLE Take my hand [The midnight room, 2007]
P.K. 14 Yi Dian Yuan [2008]
TALK TALK After The Flood [Laughing Stock, 1991/Verve Records]
2/5 BZ John Peel & 2/5 BZ
2/5 BZ No Turistik No Egzotik
2/5 BZ John Peel favorites
2/5 BZ Etnik Market Etnik Paranoia
2/5 BZ Militant Oriental
2/5 BZ Karabesk
from 2/5 BZ new CD No Exotic [2007, Gozel Records]

Monday, March 24, 2008

Radio Bagdad playlist 19.3.2008

MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA You Know You Know [The Inner Mounting Flame, 1971/Records]

JAZZTRONIK Samurai [Nanairo, 2004/Tokuma Japan Communications]
Livestock auctions by Stenson Clontz 1985
DORIAN CONCEPT Fort teen [A TrebleO Beat Tape, 2008/TrebleO]
QUANTIC Archipelago [One Off’s Remixes And B Sides, 2005/Tru Thoughts]
DJ MITSU THE BEATS Miwa says (Breakthrough remix) [Re New Awakening Part 01, 2006/Planet Groove Japan]
JELLYFISH The Ghost At Number One [Spilt Milk, 1993/Charisma]
THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS Let’s get ready to crumble [Let’s Get Ready To Crumble, 2003/Upper Class Recordings]
MONADE Regarde [Monstre Cosmic, 2008/Too Pure]
SUFJAN STEVENS Chicago (Adult Contemporary Easy Listening Version) [The Avalanche, 2006/Asthmatic Kitty Records]
MEDICINE Aruca [Shot Forth Self Living, 1992/Creation Records]
THE EVENS If It’s Water [The Evens, 2005/Dischord Records]
THE SPARKS My baby’s taking me home [Lil’ Beethoven, 2004/Lil’ Beethoven Records]
JEAN-JACQUES PERREY & LUKE VIBERT Intro & Dream 106 [Moog acid, 2007/Lo Recordings]
PINK FLOYD Fearless [Meddle, 1971/Harvest]
THE UNDERTONES You’re Welcome [Positive Touch, 1981/Harvest]
BOB DYLAN Tangled Up In Blue [Blood On The Tracks, 1974/Columbia]
STEPHEN MALKMUS & JICKS Baltimore [Real Emotional Trash, 2008/Matador]
DJ OLIVE Enter [Barbeque Beets V.A., 2001/theAgriculture]
DESTINY’S CHILD Girl [1’s, 2005/Columbia]
AUTECHRE plyPhon [Quaristice, 2008/Warp Records]
HAPPY THE MAN Starborne [Happy The Man, 1977/Arista]
WEVIE DE CREPON Little Bug Eyed Boy [.Ilation, 2003/Sonig]
BRUNO PRONSATO An Ill Collage [Why Can’t We Be Like Us, 2007/Hello? Repeat]
VENETIAN SNARES Hajnal [Rossz Csillag Alatt Született, 2005/Planet Mu]
DJ OLIVE Sub Bass Commandante [Heaps As, Live In Tasmania, 2006/theAgriculture]
MATTHEWDAVID Spills_3 [Spills, 2008/Plus Research]
PIXIES Allison [Bossanova, 1990/4AD]
KATALYST featuring STEVE SPACEK How bout us [What’s Happening, 2007/Invada Records]
PUBLIC IMAGE Ltd. Socialist [Metal box, 1979]
LOVE IS ALL Make Out Fall Out Make Up (The Bees Version) [Love Is All Mixed Up, 2007/Parlophone]
PART TIMER Inside Ross’ Memory [Blue, 2007/flau]
DAVID AXELROD One [Seriously Deep, 1975/Polydor]

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Radio Bagdad playlist 12.3.2008

THE STRANGLERS Just like notning on Earth [(The Gospel According To) The Meninblack, 1981/Liberty]
NINA SIMONE Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter (Jazzeem's All Styles Remix) [Remixed & Reimagined, 2006/Sony
MODESELEKTOR Let Your Love Grow [Happy Birthday!, 2007/BPitch Control]
BRAD LANER Out cold [Neighbour singing, 2007/Hometapes]

THE MOST SERENE REPUBLIC Why So Looking Back [Population, 2007/Arts & Crafts International]
2/5 BZ No Turistik No Egzotik [Peel Session, 12", 2003]
JAYLIB Nowadayz [Champion Sound, 2003/Stones Throw Records]

MARVIN GAYE Trouble man [Trouble man soundtrack, 1972/Tamla]
MARCHELO Sharada [Puzzle shock, 2005/Multimedia Records]
SHELLAC Billard Player Song [The Rude Gesture (A Pictorial History), 7" Single, 1993/Touch And Go]
PAVEMENT Grounded [Wowee Zowee, 1995/Matador]
FIRE ON FIRE Liberty Unknown [5 Song EP, 2007/Young God Records]

MILLKO Pieces from my books [coming in 2008]

THE BEATLES She said she said (home recordings '65)
THE BEATLES She said she said [Revolver, 1966/Parlophone]

JAMES BLACKSHAW Running to the ghost [The Cloud Of Unknowing, 2007/Tompkins Square]
YMA SUMAC Accla taqui [Voice of the Xtabay, 1950/Capitol]
MURCOF Razуn (en 3 partes) [Remembranza, 2005/The Leaf Label]

AUTECHRE Plyphon [Quaristice, 2008/Warp Records]

album of the week:

POP AMBIENT 2008 V.A. [2007/Kompakt]
1 Markus Guentner / Oceans Day

2 All / Sag Alles Ab

3 Triola / In Lourdes

4 Andrew Thomas / Shiny Garden

5 Thomas Fehlmann / Camilla

6 Ulf Lohmann / My Pazifik

7 Klimek / The Ice Storm

8 Popnoname / Fembria

9 DJ Koze / Nymphe Und Schafer

10 The Field / Kappsta 2

11 Ulf Lohmann / Kristall
12 Markus Guentner / Sparks

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


True to their early techno roots, Autechre use a wide array of analog synths in their production, as well as analog and digital drum machines, mixers, effects units and samplers. They have also made extensive use of a variety of computer based sequencers, softsynths, and other applications as a means of controlling those synths and processing the synthesized sounds.
Autechre have experimented in depth with development environments such as Max/MSP, SuperCollider and Kyma – amongst others – from 1997 onwards, though it is unclear which are still in use. In 2005, they used the Elektron Machinedrum and Monomachine in their live performances.
Autechre have emphasized that their music-making involves using new techniques on old equipment and old techniques on new equipment, and that their sound comes from combinations of tools and techniques, and "creative routing", more than any single magical machine.This has been the case since their early days, when, for example, they used a Boss delay that had a pitch/trigger input, allowing it to be used as a realtime sampler.[citation needed] When the square wave input it received for determining pitch had resonance added, the pitch would drift between notes in a special way. If the output was mixed back in as a control pitch, it could produce unusual fractal patterns, something that cannot be recreated easily with software, or on an embedded system. Other machines that Autechre have repeatedly mentioned in interviews are appreciated for their interface and aesthetics as much as their sound, including the Roland TR-606 and MC-202, and the Nord Lead.

Quaristice is Autechre's ninth album on Warp Records.

30 godini new wave

Eve nekolku artefakti od vremeto koga rokenrolot znacese poveke (i od) zivotot. Sarlo, Luna, Katarina, Gile, Idoli, Disciplina...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MARCHELO Sharada [Puzzle shock, 2005]

Dame i gospodooo!
Dobro nam došli na Šaradu, mali bal pod maskama,
bal ko farsa sav, al' baš to masama prija ko raj:
svako glumi šta zaželi, ostali mu veruju
- vesele maske peru ćud, deru blud, čiste prevaru!
Šta se može - to se i hoće! Izvolte u lože!
Ko pita za sutra? Daj da se loče! Neka se počne:
prvo zdravica bolesnih, onda govor mutavih!
Puno zvanica poletnih - pomenimo neke od njih...

1. strofa:
Doktor nauka se maskirao u taksistu - tako je doš'o,
mada on zaista vozi taksi jer ne mož' da nađe pos'o;
Bogat se kune da nema svoj krov, dok Siroma viče turu;
Feget glumi da samo želi druga dok suptilno češe bulju.
Rulju animira pevačica, glumi da zna da peva, i glumi da je deva, dok leva sisurina seva...
Bankrot deli šakom i kapom, Alkos pije sok za šankom,
dok Narkos sav drhti gadno - ko fol, jer je hladno.
...a ona tamo s naočarima, što se pravi pametna,
zna sve od latinskih citata pa do bračnih saveta
- a zna vala i muža da vara i svakog dana jaše komšiju!
I Komša je tu - njih dvoje glume ljude što se ne znaju.
Političar priča o poštenju, Kurva klima glavom
- dok u uglu tamo, neki lopovi hvale pravo.
Lekar glumi da neće mito, a Pop da mu je sve Hristos,
dok se pod mantijom igra kitom i merka s klinkom...

21. vek je - već - možemo sve:
svi braća i sestre, globalno sranje, što da ne?
21. vek je - tek - počelo je:
možeš biti sve što nisi a tako gotivno je!
21. vek je - već - možemo sve,
pa i da se vratimo na grane među majmune!
...i zato, pruži ruku, svi na Šaradu, svi na skup!
Sad je kul biti kul, biti geeeeeeej...

2. strofa:
Mladi Bogataš i njegova ženica, esatradna zvezdica,
lutka od silikona sa facom konja - drolja & šonja
glume ljubav - to je sad fora! Njoj treba klonja
da piša i da sredi šminku, jer je bela ko stolnjak...
''Dragi! Sa mnom ide i Bodigard, vodim ga, škodi kad
dama piški sama...'' U stvari, sve je lozinka:
telohranitelj joj hrani telo dok plastici ne prođe rok;
kada Šarada sazna, svi će glumiti šok...
I TV-voditeljka što živi brzo a hrani se lako
razmatra metafizku s nekom cepankom za šankom - on kaže:
''Ne seri! Jedi brže pa idemo mojom jahtom!''
...i sve je jasno: ona zapravo jede brzo a živi lako...
I Baba što Se Slikala Za Plejboj, prevaziđena ko gejmboj,
plače jer se sranje desilo njoj smernoj:
svi imaju njen kućni video, koji se nikom nije ni svideo,
na koji niko nije ni šikao, nit je koga briga za to
- al' ona cmizdri - cela Šarada briše joj suze:
neko joj privatnost uze, okrutnog li sveta, druže! nek ide život! Pa svako ima svoj fetiš...
Na kraju bolje seks i grad nego selo i peting!
Klinke glume žene - sise na izvol'te i - veselje!
Merkaju ih Sede Dede - tripuju da se opet žene.
Bagra plus vijagra - sve se sklapa ko 'tangram'!
Mentalitet - agrar. URA! ŽIVELA ŠARADA!

21. vek je - već - možemo sve:
svi braća i sestre, globalno sranje, što da ne?
21. vek je - tek - počelo je:
možeš biti sve što nisi a tako gotivno je!
21. vek je - već - možemo sve,
pa i da se vratimo na grane među majmune!
...i zato, pruži ruku, svi na Šaradu, svi na skup!
Sad je kul biti kul, biti geeeeeeej...

3. strofa:
Tad na Šaradu stiže Sajko sa flajkom, s komandos-maskom,
s namerom kratkom i jasnom: da napravi parastos...
''Jašem vam se svima s majkom, šta me drkate do kasno?
Od vas ne mož' da se spava, e, sad će svima da ode glava!
Jeb'o vas 21. vek! Jebala vas Evropa!
Pederluk i orgije su sve što ste vi shvatili od toga!
Moderno doba vam jebem, nemam bre pare 'leba da jedem,
radim od devet do devet - a firma ode na tender!?!
Ma, jebem li vam seme & pleme - vama li je do pića i pesme?
Pošten narod spava, vi mrsite muda sve u šesn'es'!
Zvao sam policiju - rekli da zapušim uši.
Zvao sam još petn'es' puta - rekli mi da pušim!
Jel' to taj ustav, jebem vas 'usta, jel' to demokratija?
Sa' ću to lepo skratim ja - pobijem govna i gotova stvar:
masovno krvoproliće čim cirnem ovo piće biće!
...treba imaš i ubice, ako već u Evropu stižeš...!

(Scena masakra)

Čovek sazdan od paranoja i znoja srećan je:
dok ulicom korača, sve postaje sećanje
na masovno ubistvo malih ljudi, praznih ćudi...
Svemoćni egzekutor se vraća kući.
...a s druge strane praga, čeka ga njegova draga:
krupna žena preke naravi. I, tad pada maska...
omaleni čovek moli ženu da ga ne tuče,
obećava da više neće kasno van kuće
i da će ići na pijacu, redovno prati suđe,
zalivati cveće u bašti, smešiti se tašti...
Nema psihopate - cvili i ječi.
Reči i udarci... udarci i reči...
o reči su prazne, lupaju o zidove...
čovečuljak, pretučen, na podu čeka svitanje...
uz jecanje, početak novog dana
- gde čekaju nove maske i nova Šarada...

21. vek je - već - možemo sve:
svi braća i sestre, globalno sranje, što da ne?
21. vek je - tek - počelo je:
možeš biti sve što nisi a tako gotivno je!
21. vek je - već - možemo sve,
pa i da se vratimo na grane među majmune!
...i zato, pruži ruku, svi na Šaradu, svi na skup!
Sad je kul biti kul, biti geeeeeeej...
...biti glup...

Monday, March 10, 2008

VS thing...

Aleksandr Pushkin VS Georges d'Anthès
George W. Bush VS Saddam Hussein
The Beatles VS The Rolling Stones
Real Madrid VS Barcelona
My Bloody Valentine VS ????

Sever VS jug VS istok VS zapad (part 3)

Lap top & klavijaturi, dovolni za fenomenalen zvuk.

Jimi Hendrix na Zapadna Sahara.
Group Doueh

P.K.14 (Kina)
Poveke od seriozen zvuk.

MURCOF (Meksiko)
Fernando Corona so najizdrzanata elektronika godinive.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

James Blackshaw

Prosto e neverojatno da se slusne nesto nalik na James Blackshaw. Nadvor od sevkupnata popularna (i nepopularna) muzika sto ja poznavate JB sozdava vistinski solo simfonii... (samo) so negovata 12 zicena gitara. "When UK-native James Blackshaw plays something spiritual takes place" pisuva negoviot oficijalen sajt. Ne e daleku od vistinata.
Za pocetok... probajte so "The Cloud of Unknowing" albumot od 2007ma.

Ili, Brethren of the Free Spirit proektot so Jozef Van Wissem
Albumot e "All Things are from Him, through Him and in Him" (audioMER., 2008)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

RADIO BAGDAD playlist 5.3.2008

ULRICH SCHNAUSS Goodbye [Goodbye, 2007/ Independiente]
PANDA BEAR Good girl / Carrots [Person Pitch, 2007/Paw track]

PARLIAMENT Theme from black hole [Gloryhallastoopid, 1979/ Casablanca]

PETROL Sve jedno je [2008]

MEAT PUPPETS New leaf [Rise to Your Knees, 2007/ Anodyne Records]

KAKI KING Bone chaos in the castle [Dreaming of Revenge, 2008/ Velour Records]
DONNA REGINA Little Baby [Slow Killer, 2005/ Karaoke Kalk Rec. Germany]

THE BOOKS Be good to them always [Lost and Safe, 2005/ Tomlab]
DONALD FAGEN New frontier [The Nightfly, 1982/Warner Bros. Records]

FLEET FOXES English house [Sun Giant EP, 2008/ Sub Pop]

BEI THE FISH Everybody says [Look up, 2007/ E go East Records]

SHUKAR COLLECTIVE Napolament [Rromatek, 2007/ Eastblok Music]

MATTHEWDAVID Willoe's breeze [Rromatek, 2007/ Eastblok Music]
KRAFTWERK Ananas Symphonie [Ralf und Florian, 1973/ Philips]

MILES DAVIS Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio) [Sketches of Spain, 1960/ Columbia]

HARMONIC 313 Call to arms [EP 1, 2008/Warp Records] DAEDELUS Bonjour [Fair Weather Friends, 2007/Ninja Tune]
GUTRUN GUT Monika in polen [Songs for Bruno, Knut & Tom Monika, 2008/Monika]

KLF Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in My Soul [Chill Out, 1990/KLF Communications]
[Super Roots 9, 2007/Commmons]

Thursday, February 28, 2008

RADIO BAGDAD playlist 27 fevruari 2008

JOHN RENBOURN Plainsong [John Renbourn,1965/Transatlantic]
BENGA B4 The Dual [Diary of An Afro Warrior, 2008/Tempa]

ERYKAH BADU The healer [New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War, 2008/Motown]

Moonlight feat. Blu [The Politik, 2007/Village Again Records]

MAX ROMEO I Chase The Devil [1973]
AMERICAN ANALOG SET Hard to find [Promise of love, 2003/ Tiger Style Records]

THE MARS VOLTA Soothsayer [The Bedlam in Goliath, 2008/Uviresal]
Pathways "Jazztronik Theme" (2bo4 Bi-polar Re-edit by 2 Banks Of 4) [Remixes: Part II, 2006, Tokuma Japan Communications]

COMMIX How you gonna feel feat. Steve Spacek [2007/ Metalheadz]
TRIPNOTIC aka DJ M-ILLPhatomize (Galvanize remix) [coming in 2008]
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST Find a way [The Love Movement, 1998, Jive Records]
See Emily Play [single, 1967/Columbia]

DAVID BOWIE See Emily Play [Pin Ups, 1973/RCA Records]

BRETHREN OF THE FREE SPIRIT All thing are from him, through him and in him [All thing are from him, through him and in him, 2008/AudioMER]

SCRITTI POLITTI Petrococadollar [White Bread, Black Beer, 2006, Rough Trade]

BRAZILIAN OCTOPUS Gamboa [Brazilian Octopus, 1969/Fermata]
BRAZILIAN OCTOPUS Cancao Latina [Brazilian Octopus, 1969/Fermata]

FOOD FOR ANIMALS featuring FAUST Planet say [2008]
LAKA Stariji [Zec, 2007/Hayat Production]

ZLATSKI Tursko kafe [2007]

THE B-52's Mesopotamia [Mesopotamia, 1982/Warner Bros. Records]

PEOPLE LIKE US Dolly Pardon [Abridged Too Far, 2004/mp3 release]
THEO PARRISH Flotation divice [Sound Sculptures Vol 1, 2007/Sound Signature]
BARONESS Grad [Red Album, 2007/Relapse Records]

VAS DEFERENS ORGANISATION Modular squad [Sweat Your Cheeses, But Not In My Salad, 1996/Charnel Music]

Figured me out [Jim, 2008/Warp]

THE TONGUE Real thing [Shock And Awe, 2008, Elefant Traks]

UMOD Tromboline [Bugz In The Attic - FabricLive. 12, 2003/Fabric]

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dedication to the works of Jay Dee (aka J. Dilla)

Toplo preporacuvam... za site pocituvaci na J DILLA.

R e n a i s s a n c e S o u l D e t r o i t

Brazilian Octopus
Brazilian Octopus
Fermata, 1969)

"This is undoubtedly the strangest Brazilian group ever" - Marcelo Dolabela in his dictionary ABZ do Rock Brasileiro

1) Gamboa
2) Rhodosando
3) Canção Latina
4) Pavane
5) As Borboletas
6) Momento B/8
7) Summerhill
8) Gosto De Ser Como Sou
9) Chayê
10) Canção De Fim De Tarde
11) O Pássaro
12) Casa Forte

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Najpogodnije mesto

Costan na edno mesto gi ima "site" ploci (povtoruvam: PLOCI) od YU scenata (70ti i 80ti, poveketo)
83000 visitors?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Playlist: Radio Bagdad 20.2.2008

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Safer [Peacebone EP, 2007/Domino] .... Definicija za pesna? Safer!
EARTH Engine of ruin [The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull, 2008/Southern] .... Brilijanten nov album za Earth. Bill Frisel kako gostin na ovaa pesna.
JAMES BROWN King Heroin [There it is, 1972/Polydor]
JAZZANOVA This is the place (overture) [Belle Et Fou (Original Soundtrack), 2007/Sonar Collective]
JAZZANOVA Behold these days (Berlin 74) [Belle Et Fou (Original Soundtrack), 2007/Sonar Collective]
LALI PUNA Micronomic (Boom Bip rmx) [I Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed And B-Sides, 2005/Morr Music]
FRANK ZAPPA Montana [Over-Nite Sensation, 1973/ DiscReet Records]
CORNELIUS Music [Sensuous, 2006/ Warner Music Japan]
ADVENTURE TIME This dome is our home [From L.A. with love, 2008/Milan Records]
ZOOT WOMAN We won’t break [coming in 2008…]
FOUR TET My angel rocks back and forth (Four Teas on English Time – Icarus remix) [My angel rocks back and forth EP, 2004/Domino]
DEERHOOF Matchbook seeks maniac [Friend Opportunity, 2007/Kill Rock Stars]
STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS Gardenia [Real emotional trash, 2008/Matador Records]
CITAY Little kingdom [Little kingdon, 2007/Dead Oceans]
THE ROLLERCOASTER PROJECT What happened [Dreamboat Records 2008]
THE RESIDENTS The Sandman [The Voice Of Midnight, 2007/Mute Records]
SQUAREPUSHER My fucking sound [Go Plastic, 2001/WARP]
APPLEBLIM Mystikal Warrior [12”, Skulldisco, 2005]
J DILLA Donuts (outro), Workinonit, Waves, The diff'rence, Mash, Time the donuts of the heart, Airworks, Stepson of the clapper, The twister (huh, what), Anti-american graffiti, Geek down, One for ghost, Walkinonit, Last donut of the night [Donuts, 2006/Stones Throw]
BRIGHTBLACK MORNING LIGHT Everybody daylight [Brightblack Morning Light, 2006/Matador Records]
BEACH BOYS God only knows (acapella)
SOUND 00 002 [Autumn Girl, 2007]
MICHAEL PARENTI Globalization, The New Imperialism
ROD McKUEN The Mud Kids
180 D'Gs Christianity Is Stupid [180 D'Gs to the future, 2007]

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Kako eden ritam smeni se...
James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelic, Afrika Bambaataa, Public Enemy...

part 1

part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Playlist: Radio Bagdad 13.2.2008

HOT CHIP Out at the pictures [Made in the dark, 2008]
BURIAL Etched Headplate [Untrue, 2007]
WEVIE STONDER Intro [Kenyan Harry EP, 2003]
PREFUSE 73 Smoking red feat. John Stanier [Preparations, 2007]
BATTLES Ddiamondd [Mirrored, 2007]
YES And You and I (Cord of Life, Eclipse, The Preacher the Teacher & Apocalypse) [Close to the Edge, 1972]
DWELE Intro [Some kinda, 2005]
MARK PRITCHARD & STEVE SPACEK Turn it on [Broad Casting From Offtrack Radio, 2007]
MADLIB Understanding (Comprehension) [Movie scenes Vol.1-2, 2006]
JAZZANOVA L.O.V.E And You & I (Madlib's Love Phase Mix) [Another New Day, 2002]
XTC 1000 umbrelas [Skylarking, 1986]
THE BOOKS Don’t even sing about it [The lemon of pink, 2003]
THE B-52’s Lava [The B-52’s, 1979]
THE NATIONAL BANK Tolerate [The National Bank, 2004]
JUN MIYAKE River of gold [Glam exotica!, 1999]
BOB MOULD Return to dust [District line, 2008]
RIAA Lift Off [Sounds For The Space-Set, 2007]
LUNA Fakir [Nestvarne stvari, 1984]
NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS What happens next [The Assassination Of Jesse James, 2007]
ENNIO MORRICONE Farewell to Cheyenne [Once Upon a Time in the West, 1972]
SKIP JAMES Devil Got My Woman [Complete early recordings, 1930]

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Playlist: Radio Bagdad 6.2.2008

1. JAZZANOVA L.O.V.E. And You & I [In Between, 2002]
2. BOB MOULD Who needs to dream? [District line, 2008]

3. ULTRA VIVID SCENE Three stars [Joy 1967-1990, 1990]

4. PETE TOWNSHEND Jools and Jim [Empty glass, 1980]

5. DAEDELUS Telling meaning [Of Snowdonia, 2004]
6. JAGA JAZZIST Hotel [What we must, 2004]

7. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Wholepole – the discotheque pf erotic misery (remix by ugh & ergo phizmiz) [.aiff skull EP, 2006]
8. BUILD AN ARK Morning glory [Dawn, 2007]

9. MOODYMANN Technologystolemyvinyle [12”, 2007]

10. RIAA Salvador Dali Teaches Rex Harrison How To Say 'Butterfly' [Sounds For The Space-Set, 2007]

BOB MOULD District line [Anti, 2008]
Stupid now

Who needs to dream?

Again and again
Old highs, new lows

Return to dust

The silence between us

Shelter me

Very temporary

Miniature parade

Walls in time

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playlist: Radio Bagdad 30 january 2008

JUN MIYAKE River of gold [Glam exotica!, 1999]
FIERY FURNACES Duplex of the dead [Widow city, 2007]
BARONESS Wanderlust [Red album, 2007]
TV ON THE RADIO Province [Return to the cookie mountain, 2006]
CORNELIUS Music (a capella with Petra Haden) [Gum EP, 2008]
FLYING LOTUS Message situation [Reset EP, 2007]
WIRE 23 years too late [Read and burn 3, 2007]
LITTLE DRAGON Twice [Little dragon, 2007]
JAY ELECTRONICA Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
JONI MITCHELL This place [Shine, 2007]
THE MARS VOLTA Wax Simulacra [The Bedlam In Goliath, 2008]
DUNGEN Gör Det Nu [Tio bitar, 2007]
XPLODING PLASTIX Funnybones & lazylegs [Amateur girlfriends go proskirt agents, 2001]
MAX TUNDRA A truce [David Shrigley's Worried Noodles, 2007]
FOOD FOR ANIMALS Bulk gummies feat. hy [Belly, 2008]
LEE HAZLEWOOD Your sweet love [The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood, 1966]
JAMES BROWN Cottage for sale [Jazz, 1960]

THE SPECIALS Stereotypes [More Specials, 1980]
THE DIRTY PROJECTORS Come forward [David Shrigley's Worried Noodles, 2007]
NEGATIVLAND Piece of pie [No bussines, 2005]
MURCOF Recuerdos [Remembranza, 2005]

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sever VS jug VS istok VS zapad (2)

Vistinskata muzika ja ima nasekade. Eve go vtoroto prodolzenie na serijalot:
Sever: DUNGEN / Iliti "groove". Edni i edinstveni. Od Stokholm. Albumot Tio Bitar e za pocit.
Jug: JENNIFER GENTLE / Hmmm... neobicen bend od Padova, Italija. Proverete go nivniot "Valende" album. A da... snimaat za Sub Pop (poznato?)

Istok: BOREDOMS / Na scenata se poveke od 20 godini. Realno ludilo od Osaka, Japonija. Proveri go Super Roots 9 ( posle ke zborime)
Zapad: FLYING LOTUS / Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus, hip hop magionicar od Kalifornija. Zadolzitelno cetivo - Reset EP-to.