Sunday, April 06, 2008

Radio Bagdad playlist 2.4.2008

FRANCESCO TRISTANO The Melody (C2 Beatless Remix) [The Melody, 2008/Infine]
STEREOLAB Vonal Declosion [Margerine Eclipse, 2004/Duophonic]
ERIC LAU Right side [New Territories, 2008/Ubiquity Records]
THE GO! TEAM We Just Wont Be Defeated [Are You Ready For More?, 2005/Cortex]
BECKETT & TAYLOR Where there you been gone find it [Hired New Hands, 2006/Hand On The Plow]
HUSKER DU Friend, you’ve got to fall [Warehouse: Songs And Stories, 1987/Warner Bros.Records]
WIM OUDIJK Khaos [The Leprechaun, 2007/Disco Fair]
TOM WAITS 2:19 [Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, 2006/Anti-]
CAMPHOR Daybreak [Drawn to dust, 2008/Friendly Fire Recordings]
CAMPHOR Deconstructed [Drawn to dust, 2008/Friendly Fire Recordings]
JAGA JAZZIST Toxic dart [The Stix, 2002/WEA International Inc.]
JAMIE LIDELL Little bit of feel good [Jim, 2008/Warp Records]
SHACKLETON Death is not final [Death Is Not Final 12", 2008/Skull Disco]
VELVET UNDERGROUND I’m Not a Young Man Anymore [Live at the Gymnasium, 2008/bootleg]
ENNIO MORRICONE Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene [Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene, 1970]
MEGAFAUN Lazy Suicide [Bury the square, 2008/Table of Elements]
FOCUS Round goes the gossip [Focus III, 1972/Polydor]
QUIET VILLAGE Pacific Rhythm [Silent movie, 2008/!K7]
PART TIMER Click it [Blue, 2007/flau]
YAMATAKA EYE Spa [Re... Remix?, 2008/Commons]
BORIS Next Saturn [Smile, 2008/Diwphalanx]
MARCH OF THE CARPENTER ANTS Gypsy cab (lo-fi) [Singles, sefl release]
CROOKRAM Hostile [19/76, 2008/Budabeats]
GRANT GREEN One Second After Death [The Final Comedown, 1971/Blue Note]
R. KELLY Trapped in the Closet Chapter 9 [Trapped in the Closet, 2005/Jive]
ROD LEE Dance My Pain Away [The Wire "...And All The Pieces Matter." Five Years Of Music From The Wire, 2008/Nonesuch]
PHILIP GREEN Last Vegas vacation [Follow the sun, 1958/Columbia]
KARL BLAU Noah Richards’ Sun [AM, 2008/Whistler]
PRAM The Silk Road [The Moving Frontier, 2007/Domino]
GARY HIGGINS Don’t Ya Know [Red Hash, 2005/Drag City]
REBEL STAR Iza nas [EP, 2007/Samizdat] free to download @ www. rebelstar-music. com

He looks around the kitchen, and says 'something is really weird',
She says 'why do you say that?' He says 'cos you keep tryin' to get me outta here',
He says 'ever since I been in this house your face has went from white to red
and remember when I first walked through the door you acted like you had seen a ghost from the dead'

Then he says 'girl if you hidin' something i'm gonna be so mad', then he hears
something fallin he says ' what the fuck was that?'
She says ' it sound like it came from upstairs, sounds like the plumbing',
He said 'woman that sound did not come from upstairs, i'll be damned if you're not up to something,

The sound that i just heard, it came from this kitchen, and then he looks over by the stove
while shes easin' over by the dishes. and then he walks over to the refridgerator and pushes it back,
and then he looks in her face, looks like shes about to have a heart-attack, then he notices the pie on the counter
One slice is missing, now the stories gettin' scary, cos he comes to realise that Bridget is allergic to cherry.

Then he slowly looks up at her and now her face is red as hell, he's breathing real hard,
movin' closer, she says 'hon you don't look so well'
And then he says move
She says no
He says move
She says no
BITCH MOVE!!! she moves, and then, he looks at the cabinet,
he walks to the cabinet, he's close to the cabinet, now he's opening the cabinet.
Now pause the movie cos what i'm about to say to ya'll is so damn twisted,
Not only is there a man in his cabinet, but the man... is a MIDGET!

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