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Radio Bagdad Hit Parade, kako i site avtorski emisii na Radio Ravel, pravat dvomesecna "pauza" so emituvanjeto!? Juli i avgust.
Pricinite - od ekonomska priroda.
Vo terminite na site avtorski emisii na Ravel od 20:00 do 02:00 ke odat reprizi na emisiite.
Vo meguvreme,
Radio Bagdad Hit Parade (ke) go podgotvuva svojot oficijalen sajt - Menito, pomegu ostanatoto ke sodrzi: Novo / Za Radio Bagdad / Plejlisti / Najcesto emituvani albumi / Recenzii / Pratete ni nova muzika / Muzika od Makedonija / Najdobrite vo 2006... dosega / (Blog)partneri vo kriminalot / Linkovi / 1990-2000 / Gostinska kniga / Kontakt & Newsletter. Ke bide toa, za pocetok ednostaven HTML sajt, pogoden za nasa brza komunikacija.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Najprogresivniot moderen zvuk vo momentov doaga od Los Angeles (od kade na drugo mesto?). A imeto mu e Alfred Darling, za sirokite narodni masi popoznat kako DAEDELUS.
Avangardniot elektronicar svojot past'n'future beat go komponira i oblikuva vo svojot
zvucen enterprise vo Santa Monica, California. Negovite lajt motivi dopiraat jazz i neo soul.

Plug Research biografijata zabelezuva: "...Live instruments, a young Daedelus began noodling bass clarinet notes, and soon graduated into the covenant of double-bass. After an ill-fated affair pondering classical and jazz, rave paved the way, and a burgeoning record collection fueled Daedelus’ artistic creativity, preparing the path to his first full length release, Invention. Inspired by 30’s, 40’s and 70’s grooves, and defying genres such as downtempo and hip-hop, Daedelus gradually begins to venture into the L.A. afterdark".
Oficijalna Daedelus adresa:
My space adresa:
Ninja tune adresa:
Plug research adresa:

E N J O Y !

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UbuWeb vo Internet prostorot postoi od noemvri 1996. I den denes UbuWeb e broj 1 sound poetry web browser na Internet. I ne samo soud poetry web browser. UbuWeb menito sodrzi 365 Days Project, Aspen Magazine, Conceptual Writing, Contemporary, Ethnopoetics, Film, Historical, MP3 Archive, Outsiders, Papers & Sound oddel.
Patem, zosto postoi UBUWEB?
Koja e misijata na UBUWEB?
M A N I F E S T !
Eve go:

Concrete poetry's utopian pan-internationalist bent was clearly articulated by Max Bense in 1965 when he stated, "…concrete poetry does not separate languages; it unites them; it combines them. It is this part of its linguistic intention that makes concrete poetry the first international poetical movement." Its ideogrammatic self-contained, exportable, universally accessible content mirrors the utopian pan-linguistic dreams of cross-platform efforts on today's Internet; Adobe's PDF (portable document format) and Sun System's Java programming language each strive for similarly universal comprehension. The pioneers of concrete poetry could only dream of the now-standard tools used to make language move and morph, stream and scream, distributed worldwide instantaneously at little cost.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Essentially a gift economy, poetry is the perfect space to practice utopian politics. Freed from profit-making constraints or cumbersome fabrication considerations, information can literally "be free": on UbuWeb, we give it away and have been doing so since 1996. We publish in full color for pennies. We receive submissions Monday morning and publish them Monday afternoon. UbuWeb's work never goes "out of print." UbuWeb is a never-ending work in progress: many hands are continually building it on many platforms.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
UbuWeb has no need for money, funding or backers. Our web space is provided by an alliance of interests sympathetic to our vision. Donors with an excess of bandwidth contribute to our cause. All labour and editorial work is voluntary; no money changes hands. Totally independent from institutional support, UbuWeb is free from academic bureaucracy and its attendant infighting, which often results in compromised solutions; we have no one to please but ourselves.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
UbuWeb posts much of its content without permission; we rip out-of-print LPs into sound files; we scan as many old books as we can get our hands on; we post essays as fast as we can OCR them. UbuWeb is an unlimited resource with unlimited space to fill. It is in this way that the site has grown to encompass hundreds of artists, hundreds of gigabytes of sound files, books, texts and videos.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sounds like a marginal situation? Hardly. We've won many prestigious internet awards and are acknowledged web-wide as the definitive source for Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry. UbuWeb is on the syllabus of countless schools; we've gotten queries from Ph.D. candidates seeking information to third-graders researching a paper on concrete poetry. UbuWeb embodies an unstable community, neither vertical nor horizontal but rather a Deleuzian nomadic model: a 4-dimensional space simultaneously expanding and contracting in every direction, growing "rhizomatically" with ever-increasing unpredictability and uncanniness. Vase kompletno uzivanje, dokolku ste poetry lover, eve free mp3-ki od Conceptual Works na Erik Satie.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

PLEJLISTA 017 # 28 juni 2006

1. DAVID SYLVIAN Praise (Pratah Smarami) [Camphor, 2002 / Venture] >>>> Remiks album na genijalecot Sylvian.
2. DARIO MARIANELLI Valerie [V for Vendetta, OST, 2006] >>>> Ne ste go gledale V for Vendetta? Vo Amerika e cenzuriran... poradi "politickata nekorektnost".
www.VForVendetta (soundtrack)
3. BURIAL Distant lights [Burial, 2006 / Cargo Records] >>>> Misteriozniot bend od juzen London. Garage beat & muffled soul bass & smooth dub = Burial. Za debi album - poveke od odlicen.
4. NEPHEWS OF PHELLA Mulah 2 >>>> Bend li, artist li, sto li? Se pojavi od "nikade". Nikakva informacija za nego/niv bilo kade na Internet. Ako znae nekoj - bi mu bil blagodaren. Se raboti za isklucitelno originalna muzika.

5. RACHID TAHA Rock el Casbah [2004 / Barclay] >>>> Alzirecot Rachid Taha so techno, rock & punk prerabotkata na The Clash klasikata. Pee i na arapski, zivee vo Lion, Francija.
6. ROXY MUSIC Amazona [Stranded, 1973 / Island Records] >>>> Tretiot album na Brian Ferry & kompanijata. Eve ja recenzijata objavena vo NME na 10. noemvri 1973.
7. TALKING HEADS Houses in motion [Remain in light, 1980 / Sire] >>>> Albumot koj ja smeni istorijata na sovremeniot r'n'r. White funky vokabular, post punk energija i new wave ritmi go odbelezaa Remain in light. Da! Neposredno pred izdavanjeto na ovoj album gi gledav vo Beograd. Imav "samo" 13 godini.
8. BRIGHTBLACK MORNING LIGHT Amber Canyon Magik [2006 / Matador Records] >>>> Kaliforniska filozofija. Dovolno kazano.
9. BEI THE FISH Bare naked [singl, 2006] >>>> Najnoviot singl na Bei the fish. Vo iscekuvanje sum na nivnoto debi najaveno za septemvri. Konecno, imaat i sajt. I toa poveke od dobar.

album na RBHP


22 maj, Dox Music

1 miss moral
2 beat 1
3 bennysingsrednosedistrict
4 freedom
5 oohweeooh (the may songs)
6 ik wil een nieuwe fiets
7 the river
8 feel like comin up
9 common yall
10 ready to rock
13 bonus! : harco pront - beam me up
14 B.E.N.N.Y.S.I.N.G.S.R.E.D.N.O.
15 Feel Like Comin' Up
16 Bonus! Harco Point : Beam Me U
17 B.E.N.N.Y.S.I.N.G.S.R.E.D.N.O.S.E.D.I.S.T.R.I.C.T.

PLEJLISTA 016 # 21 juni 2006

1. FREDERICO FELLINI FEAT. NINO ROTA La dolce vita [Music from motion pictures, 2002]

2. STEREOLAB Hallucinex [Sound-dust, 2001 / Elektra Records]

3. BRIAN WILSON Child is Father of the Man [Smile, 2004 / Nonesuch]

4. THE RESIDENTS Mousetrap [The tunes of two cities, 1982 / The Cryptic Corporation]
5. SUPER FURRY ANIMALS Hometown unicorn [Fuzzy logic, 1996 / Creation Records]
6. THE BOO RADLEYS Butterfly McQueen & Rodney King /Song for Jenny Bruce/ (Song for Lenny Bruce) [Giant steps, 1993 / Creation Records]


7. THE ROOTS The web [The tipping point, 2004 / Geffen Records]
8. MIKE WATT Chinese firedrill (feat. Franck Black) [Ball-hog or tugboat, 1995 / Sony Music]

9. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND Ice cream for crow [Ice cream for crow, 1982 / Virgin Records]
10. PHAROAH SANDERS The Creator Has A Master Plan [Karma, 1969]


album na RBHP

BORN IN THE USA volume 2

The new American songbook V.A.
2006, Mojo

1. Iron & Wine "Woman King" 2. Ray Lamontagne "Jolene" 3. Frank Black "I burn for you" 4. Josh Rouse "Street Lights" 5. Brendan benson "alternative to love" 6. Dan Sartain "leeches pt1" 7. Magnolia Electric Co. - "Hard to Love a Man" 8. Bright Eyes - "Land Locked" 9. Joanna Newsom - "Sprout and the Bean" 10. Sujfan Stevens "John Wayne Gacy jr" 11. Rosie Thomas - "Pretty Dress" 12. Willard Grant Conspiracy - "Evening Mass" 13. Kelley Stoltz - "The sun comes through" 14. Jim James (from my morning jacket) "Sooner"(live) 15. Black Mountain - "Heart of Snow"

Saturday, June 17, 2006

PLEJLISTA 015 # 14 juni 2006

1. GO HOME PRODUCTIONS Madonna Meets The Sex Pistols / Gob Of Light [Mash ups vol. 1, 2003]
2. DEVO Satistaction [Q: Are we not Men? A: We are Devo, 1978 / Virgin Records]
3. THE B-52's Party out of bounds [Part mix!, 1990 / Reprise Records]

3. ROY HARGROVE AND THE RH FACTOR Crazy race [Distractions, 2006 / Verve Records]

4. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Mutherfacker [Zap Meemees, 2005 / Sonore]

5. THE BEATLES She said she said [Revolver, 1966 / EMI Records]

6. SMOOSH Find A Way [Free to stay, 2006 / Barsuk Records]


7. STONES THROW Dilla JRocc mix [mp3, 2006 / Stones Throw Records]
8. DUDLEY PERKINS Dear God [Expressions, 2006 / Stones Throw Records] (Produced by Madlib)
9. DIZZIE RASCAL Stop Dat [Boy in da corner, 2003/ XL Recordings]


album na R.B.H.P.


Mash up's 2001-2006
Go Home Productions e Mark Vidler. raboti i zivee vo Watford, UK i poslednive nekolku godini producira i remiksuva takanareceni bootleg i mash-ups izdanija. Kaj nego se e mozno: vo edna pesna Sex Pistols i Madonna, My Bloody Valentine i Beastie Boys, Stooges i Salt'n'pepa, Nirvana i Destiny Child... Proverete sami na negoviot sajt. Se e free.
Basement jaxx vs talking heads - where's your talking head

My bloody valentine vs beastie boys - s'wash ya wart
Nirvana vs destiny's child Smells like booty
Notwist vs Curtis Mayfield vs Indeep vs Daft Punk vs DJ Love Aff

Madonna Meets The Sex Pistols Gob Of Light

Sonic youth vs christina aguilera Dirty bottle
Stooges vs Salt'n'Pepa No Fun-P
Joy division vs Missy Elliot Love will freak us

Abba vs The Bunnymen

Beatleg bootles Razor smile (2003)
Crazy little fool
Dont hold back (Sweet Jane)
Oasis are gaye (2002)

Rock with addiction (awww)

Girl Wants (to say goodbye to) Rock And Roll

Making Plans for Vinyl (XTC vs. Tweet)

Teenage Whitney (The Undertones Vs. Who)

EKKEHARD EHLERS Plays John Cassavettes

Monday, June 12, 2006

"Hit parada..."

Povelete... download-uvajte... uzivajte!
CITAY Nice cuffs.mp3 [Citay, 2006]
DJ OLIVE Sub Bass Commandante.mp3 [Heaps As, The Agriculture]
DABRYE feat. KADENCE Encoded Flow.mp3
MESSER CHUPS Devil Exit From Fashion.mp3 [Swingin' Single, 2004]
MARZIPAN MARZIPAN Ready.mp3 [Marzipan Marzipam, 2006]
DEERHOOF Milk Man, Giga Dance, Desapareceré + 20 drugi
"BAGHDAD RADIO.mp3" by A Baghdad Radio DJ [Lovely. Snimeno nekade vo Sunni triagolnikot, pomegu dve bitki...[. !!!! Spicata na Radio Bagdad Hit Parade !!!!
THE BEACH BOYS Ganz allein.mp3 [raritetna snimka na Beach Boys. Peat na germanski]
WILLIAM S BURROUGHS Millions of images.mp3
PEOPLE LIKE US Nothing.mp3 [Abridged Too Far, 2004]
DROP THE LIME Uccelino.mp3 [Dysis, 2001]
LUKATOYBOY Vinylence Mix.mp3
VORPAL Track 1 [An Incomplete guide to VORPAL Music]
The COCK ROCK 2006 free compilation [...Vorpal, About, Food for animals, Duran Duran Duran, Doormouse]
GO HOME PRODUCTIONS Mash ups > Basement Jaxx vs Talking Heads, My Bloody Valentine vs Beastie Boys, Nirvana vs Destiny's Child, Sonic Youth vs Christina Aguilera, Madonna vs The Sex Pistols, Joy Division vs Missy Elliot + desetici anblivbl remiksi

Friday, June 09, 2006

BRIAN ENO... radikalen sekogas

Pocituvani Radio Bagdad slusateli:
Zadovolstvo mi e da vi go posocam izvonrednoto intervju na "kreatorot na prostranata muzika" - BRIAN ENO. Prosledete go... vnimatelno. Ukazuvanjata (mu se) na mesto.
PS1: Voopsto ne me iznenadi faktot sto omilen bend mu se The Books.
PS2: Intervjuto e realizirano za music recording magazine-ot SoundOnSound.
PS3: Studioto na Eno denes e svedeno "samo" na: dva Apple Mac G4 komjuteri, Digitech Studio Vocalist, Lexicon Jam Man loop sempler i Eventide H3000 Harmonizer. Toa e "se".

Brian Eno intervju

PLEJLISTA 014 # 7 juni 2006

1. MERCURY REV Boys peel out [Boces, 1993]
2. SUFJAN STEVENS Chicago [Come on feel the Illinoise, 2005]

3. DINOSAUR JR Hide [Where you been, 1993]
4. JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO I’m losing you [Double fantasy, 1980]

5. FIERY FURNACES We wrote letters everyday [Rehearsing my choir, 2005]

6. MESSER CHUPS Intro monstro cresendo
[Swingin' Single, 2004]
7. MESSER CHUPS Devil exist from fasion [Swingin' Single, 2004]
8. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Anorexia gas baloon (Candy says) [
Anorexia gas baloon, 2004]
9. BARRY WHITE I wanna lay down with you [Is this whatcha want, 1976]

10. JAZZTRONIC Pathways (2 banks of 4 mix)

Album na RBHP

Come on feel the Illinoise

2005, Asthmatic Kitty

1. Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
2. The Black Hawk War, Or, How To Demolish An Entire Civilization And Still Feel Good About Yourself In The Morning, Or, We Apologize For The Inconvenience But You're Gonna Have To Leave Now, Or, 'I Have Fought The Big Knives And Will Continue To Fight...
3. Come On! Feel The Illinoise!: Part I: The World's Columbian Exposition/Part II: Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream
4. John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
5. Jacksonville
6. A Short Reprise For Mary Todd, Who Went Insane, But For Very Good Reasons
7. Decatur, Or, Round Of Applause For Your Stepmother!
8. One Last 'Whoo-Hoo!' For The Pullman
9. Chicago
10. Casimir Pulaski Day
11. To The Workers Of The Rock River Valley Region, I Have An Idea Concerning Your Predicament
12. The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
13. Prairie Fire That Wanders About
14. A Conjunction Of Drones Simulating The Way In Which Sufjan Stevens Has An Existential Crisis In The Great Godfrey Maze
15. The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!
16. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!
17. Let's Hear That String Part Again, Because I Don't Think They Heard It All The Way Out In Bushnell
18. In This Temple As In The Hearts Of Man For Whom He Saved The Earth
19. The Seer's Tower
20. The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders: Part I: The Great Frontier/Part II: Come To Me Only With Playthings Now
21. Riffs And Variations On A Single Note For Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, And The King Of Swing, To Name A Few
22. Out Of Egypt, Into The Great Laugh Of Mankind, And I Shake The Dirt From My Sandals As I Run

PLEJLISTA 013 # 31 maj 2006

1. EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN Dead Friends (Around the Corner) [Perpetuum Mobile, 2004 / Mute] >>>> Blixa Bargeld, Andrew Chudy, Alexander Hacke, Jochen Arbeit & Rudolph Moser ja potpisuvaat izleznata pesna od nivniot posleden longplej.
2. SUPER_COLLIDER Messagesacomin (Original version) [Messagesacomin 12", 2002 / Rise Robots Rise] >>>> Cristian Vogel & Jamie Lidell - fenomenalni kako solo artisti, fenomenalni kako duo, fenomenalni vo sekoj pogled. Future funk kakov ne ste ni sonuvale.
3. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Osui nomasare [Anorexia Gas Baloon, 2003 / Sonore] >>>> Kalabalak od audio slozuvalki vo cetiriminutnata Osui nomasare, sozdavana so vkus, vnimanie i enormna doza na ludilo. Satapo najavuvaat duri i nov album... tret vo poslednava polovina godina ! ! !

4. QUASIMOTO Maingirl [The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, 2005 / Stones Throw Records] >>>> Uste edno alter ego na Madlib. Najvozbudliviot hip hop godinive.
5. DABRYE Game over (instrumental) [Game over 12", 2004 / Ghostly International] >>>> Tadd Mullinix a.k.a. Dabrye. Pardon... uste eden vozbudliv hip hop godinive.
6. HARMONIC 33 Optigan [Music For Film, Television And Radio Volume 1, 2005 / Warp Records] >>>> Dave Brinkworth & Mark Pritchard sozdavaat vonvremenska, cista i namenski opravdana muzika. Praznik za usi.


7. SCOTT WALKER Jolson and Jones [The Drift, 2006 / 4AD] >>>> 63-godisniot Noel Scott Engel, potocno Scott Walker po 11-godisno miruvanje so kambek albumot The Drift. Snimen za samo eden den vo AIR studioto na George Martin vo London. Unikaten stil na peenje. I retko cuena orkestracija.

8. RADIOHEAD Pulk pull revolving doors [Amnesiac, 2001 / Capitol] >>>> Elektro psihodelija na Radiohead nacin.
9. OBOJENI PROGRAM Kad se neko necem dobrom nada [Ako nisam dobra sta cemo onda? / 2001] >>>> Sekogas iznenaduvackite Obojeni Program. Lirikite - (kako i sekogas) posebna prikazna. Novi Sad e na svetskata rock mapa samo poradi niv.
10. ELF POWER Somewhere down the river [Back to the Web] >>>> Sovrseno novo ime na (psycho) rock scenata. Naboj od emocii, nasekade.


11. TUNNG Engine room [Comments Of The Inner Chorus, 2006 / Full Time Hobby] >>>> Eden od najizvikanite underground bendovi na noviot milenium. Gi vrakaat 70-tite na najdostoinstven (i originalen) nacin.
12. MARTIN GORE Candy says >>>> Martin ja prerabotuva klasikata na Velvet Underground. Gore e eden i edinstven.
13. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE The softest voice [Sung Tongs, 2004 / Fat Cat Records] >>>> Remek delo na "zoo kolektivot". Nezno i psihodelicno do bolka.


album na R.B.H.P.

Warehouse: Songs and stories

1987, Warner Bros. Records
1987. e kraj na 6-godisnoto postoenje na najvlijatelniot post-rock bend na planetava. 1987. e i pocetok na novata era na rokenrolot. Warehouse: Songs and stories e posledniot, sedmi po red album na ova trio od Mineapolis. Bob Mould (gitara, glas), Grant Hart (tapani, glas) i Greg Norton (bas, glas) pravat 20 mali remek dela. Se slusa vo eden zdiv.

1. These important years (Mould) 3:49
2. Charity, chastity, prudence and hope (Hart) 3:11 3. Standing in the rain (Mould) 3:41 4. Back from somewhere (Hart) 2:16 5. Ice cold ice (Mould) 4:23 6. You're soldier (Hart) 3:03 7. Could you be the one (Mould) 2:32 8. Too much spice (Hart) 2:57 9. Friend, you've got to fall (Mould) 3:20 10. Visionary (Mould) 2:30 11. She floated away (Hart) 3:32 12. Bad of nails (Mould) 4:44 13. Tell you why tomorrow (Hart) 2:42 14. It's not peculiar (Mould) 4:06 15. Actual condition (Hart) 1:50 16. No reservations (Mould) 3:40 17. Turn it around (Mould) 4:32 18. She's a woman (and now he is a man) (Hart) 3:19 19. Up in the air (Mould) 3:03 20. You can live at home (Hart) 5:25

Friday, May 19, 2006

PLEJLISTA 012 # 24 maj 2006

1. CURTIS MAYFIELD Move on up [Curtis, 1970, Curtom Records]
2. JAMES BROWN Papa don't take no mess [It's hell, 1974 / Polydor]
3. MOODYMANN Shades of Jae [Black Mahogany, 2004 / Peacefrog Records]
4. PREFUSE 73 Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing Mix) [One Word Extinguisher, 2003 / Beat Records]
5. JAMIE LIDELL A little bit more (Luke Vibert mix) [Multiply Additions, 2006 / WARP]
6. DIMLITE Back to the universe (The Slapped Eyeballers remix) [Sonar Kollektiv 4, 2005 / Sonar Kollektiv]
7. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Error meu-meu feat. Klanq Schaft [Zap Meemees, 2005 / Sonore]
8. PATTI SMITH People have the power [Dream of life, 1996 / RCA]
9. PAVEMENT Grounded [Wowee Zowee, 1995 / Big Cat Records]
10. THE SMITHS The headmaster ritual [Meat is murder, 1984 / Rough Trade]
11. THE POSIES Solar sister [Frosting on the beater. 1993 /DGC]
12. BOB MOULD The receipt [Modulate, 2002 / Granary music]


album na R.B.H.P.

St. Elsewhere
24 april 2006, Warner Music
1. "Go-Go Gadget Gospel" (Brian Burton, Thomas Callaway, Nicolas Flagello) – 2:19
2. "Crazy" (Burton, Callaway, Gianfranco Reverberi, Gianpiero Reverberi) – 2:58
3. "St. Elsewhere" (Burton, Callaway, Barry Clarke, David Costa, Celia Humphris, Stephen Brown) – 2:30
4. "Gone Daddy Gone" (Gordon Gano, Willie Dixon) – 2:28

5. "Smiley Faces" (Burton, Callaway) – 3:05
6. "The Boogie Monster" (Burton, Callaway, Armando Trovaioli, Angelo Francesco Lavagnino) – 2:50
7. "Feng Shui" (Burton, Callaway, Nino Nardini) – 1:26
8. "Just A Thought" (Burton, Callaway, Kevin Peek) – 3:42
9. "Transformer" (Burton, Callaway, Marlene Moore) – 2:18
10. "Who Cares?" (Burton, Callaway, Keith Mansfield) – 2:28
11. "Online" (Burton, Callaway) – 1:49
12. "Necromancer" (Burton, Callaway) – 2:58
13. "Storm Coming" (Burton, Callaway) – 3:08
14. "The Last Time" (Burton, Callaway, Ian Langley) – 3:25

EKKEHARD EHLERS Plays John Cassavettes

Sunday, May 14, 2006

PLEJLISTA 011 # 10 maj 2006

1. GENTLE GIANT Playing the game [The power and the glory, 1974] >>>> Godina 1974. Sestiot longplej na Neznite Dzinovi: Gary Green - guitars, Kerry Minnear - keyboards, cello, vocals, Derek Shulman - vocals, saxes, Ray Shulman - bass, violin, vocals, John Weathers - drums, percussion, vocals... Imav (i seuste imam) edna zelba - da bev/sum sestiot niven clen!

2. COLDCUT True school [Sound Mirrors 2006, Ninja tune] >>>> DJs Matt Black and Jonathan More se vrakaat. Vo vistinsko vreme i vistinski album.
3. DAEDELUS Crazy dancing [Daly City Records presents Baby Godzilla, 2006] >>>> Odamna na edno mesto ne bile vaka koncentrirani odlicni pesni. Zadolzitelna muzicka lektira.

4. CAN Vitamin C [Ege bamyasi, 1972 / Spoon Records] >>>> Sto poveke? Dovolno e da kazes Ege bamyasi. "Vinovnicite"? Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli, Jaki Liebezeit, Irmin Schmidt i Damo Suzuki.

5. SONIC YOUTH Lights Out [Rather ripped, 2006] >>>> Albumot ocekuvajte go vo juni. Ke bide toa najpop album na Sonic Youth.

6. I WOLF Careful who you love [Soul strata, 2003 / Klein Records] >>>> Posveta na Rashaan Roland Kirk i negovata Root strata. Poim za toa kako umno se koristat softverskite pomagala.

6. SA-RA CREATIVE PARTNERS Glorious [Glorious 12", 2004, ABB Soul] >>>> Sakate SOOOUL? Om'Mas Keith, Taz Arnold i Shafiq Husayn ke ve zadovolat. Turn the bass... please!
7. THE UNDISPUTED TRUTH Smiling Faces Sometimes [Sky's the Limit, 1970] >>>> Pesna napisana (i producirana) od famozniot Norman Whitfield. "Najgolemiot" hit na ovoj psycho-soul bend.
8. PEEPING TOM Kill the dj (feat. Massive Attack) [Peeping Tom, 2006 / Ipecac] >>>> Mike Patton od Faith No More so gostinski proekt. Pomegu ostanatite: Norah Jones, Kool Keith, Amon Tobin, Bebel Gilberto, DubTrio, Kid Koala... A na ovaa pesna - Massive Attack.
9. LOOSE FUR Hey chicken [Born again in the USA, 2006] >>>> Vtoriot album na trioto na Jim O'Rourke. Diskografijata (i filmografijata) na Jim e prosto nedofatliva.

Loose Fur:


10. MATMOS Roses and teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein [The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of The Beast, 2006 / Matador] >>>> Opskurnite Drew Daniel i Martin Schmidt so svojot, vo sekoj pogled prog-rock album. San Francisco krie cuda od bendovi.

11. LOKA Tabernacle Part 1 [Fire Shepherds, 2006 / Ninja tune] >>>> Se sto Radiohead nemaa hrabrost da go napravat - Loka go napravija toa odvazno.
12. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP To_be > feat. electric cafe [Zap Meemees, 2005 / Sonore] >>>> Satapo se poigraa i so golemiot hit na japonskata pop diva Ayumi Hamazaki. Nivniot cut-up e nemilosrden. Btw, nivniot sajt se update-uva nekolku pati dnevno?!

album na R.B.H.P.

A Life Without Fear

11 maj 2006, Staubgold

1. Ain't no grave

2. Frozen absicht

3. Strange things
4. A second fire

5. Die sorge geht uber den fluss
6. Nie wieder schnell sagen

7. Misorodzi
8. Maria and Martha
9. Meeresbeschimpfung
10. O death
11. The end

Sedmoto izdanie na osobeniot frankfurtski mINIMALIST
Ekkehard Ehlers. Kompleksnite gitarski pasazi, so Whiskey natoceniot vokal, neprimetlivata elektronika i misterioznata atmosfera go vodat ovoj album na Ehlers vo voodoo-blues prostranstva. "A life without fear" nudi beskonecno slobodno razmisluvanje.

EKKEHARD EHLERS Plays John Cassavetes MLP [Staubgold, 2001]

Friday, May 05, 2006

PLEJLISTA 010 # 3 maj 2006

1. DAVID BOWIE Helden [Sound+Vision, 2003 / EMI] >>>> 1989 remix germanska verzija na Heroes.
2. ENABLERS Up [Output negative space, 2006 / Neurot Recordings] >>>> Slint is back... na nekoj nacin.
3. WAR Galaxy [The World Is A Ghetto 12", 1980 / 1980] >>>> Nezaboraven funky hit od vremeto koga Taftalidze bese centar na fanki univerzumot.
4. HENRY ROLLINS I hate U2 (spoken word) >>>> H. Rollins gi mrazi U2. Mnooogu.
5. THE BOOKS Be good to them always [Lost and safe, 2005 / Tomlab] >>>> Takanarecenoto glitch duo so nivniot "best of" album.
6. HERBERT Movie star [Scale, 2006 / K7] >>>> Matthew Herbert so nov album + vokalite na Dani Siciliano.
7. DRAGIBUS Paprika [Papriko, 2001 / Uplink Records] >>>> Francusko punk-noise duo.
8. DJ PREMIER fet. TEF Tef's Def Jam [Step Ya Game Up, 2004] >>>> Prikaznata za Def Jam vo 3:30 minuti.
9. FINK Preety little thing [Biscuits for breakfas, 2006 / Ninja tune] >>>> Konecno... debito na Fink.
10. THE CHESS CADET ALLSTARS Slide Bishop Slide [How About A Game Of Chess, 2005 / Omniverse] >>>> Marc Mac od 4hero so vkusno sklopeni semplovi od Ramsey Lewis, Rotary Connection, Howlin Wolf, Dorothy Ashby, Shirley Scott...
11. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Vaginated vagabond [Nirvana or lunch?, 1998 / Nunulaxnulan] >>>> Prvata "pesna" od prviot album na Satapo. Huuuuuuuuuu...
album na R.B.H.P.
2006, Domino
1. Rio Seco
2. Yo No
3. La Verdad
4. Un Beso Lleaga
5. No Seas Antipatica
6. Micael
7. Les Culpas
8. Malherido

EKKEHARD EHLERS Plays John Cassavettes

Friday, April 28, 2006

PLEJLISTA 009 # 26 april 2006

1. EKKEHARD EHLERS Ain't no grave [A life without fear, 2006 / Staubgold] >>>> Ekkehard konecno so nov album. Feeenomenalen elektro blues.
2. PREFUSE 73 Choking you [One word extinguisher, 2003 / Warp] >>>> Scott Herren se nadmeina sebesi. Negov najdobar album.
3. MY BLOODY VALENTINE Lose my breath [Isn't anything, 1990 / Creation Records] Ima klasika i klasika. Ova e prava klasika.
4. NADA SURF Popular [High/Low, 1996 / Elektra] Tinejdzerski vodic za popularnost. Nisto ne e smeneto od vremeto koga nie bevme tinejdzeri.
5. THROWING MUSES Marriage tree [House tornado, 1988 / 4AD] House tornado e najzreloto izdanie na T.M. Kristin Hersh e glavniot kantavtor.
6. fIREHOSE It matters [Ragin', full-on, 1986 / SST] >>>> Debi albumot na fIREHOSE. R'n'r fron San Pedro.
7. AFX Fenix funk [Chosen Lords, 2006 / Rephlex] Boomkat vi zaboruva za AFX.
8. GEORGE CLINTON Summer swim [1996 / 550 Music]
9. BIRD SHOW Field of water [Lightning ghosts, 2006 / Kranky] >>>> Opsesivna psihodelija.
10. SERGEJ KIRJOKIN Mistiki [Mistiki] >>>>
Сергей Анатольевич Курёхин (June 16, 1954 - July 7, 1996), ruski pianist i kompozitor. Nezaboraven.
11. JOSE GONZALEZ Down The Hillside [Stay In The Shade EP, 2006 / Hidden Agenda] >>>> "Isfrlenite" pesni od Veener albumot. Zosto?
12. RASHAAN ROLAND KIRK Spirits up above [Volunteered Slavery, 1969 / Atlantic] >>>> Go narekuvaat sax giant.
13. FRANK BLACK Los Angeles [Frank Black, 1993 / 4AD] >>>> Debito na Frank. Nikogas so taa energija povtoreno.


album na R.B.H.P.

Based on a true story
2005, Sonar Kolektiv
1. Ernie 7:17
2. This room 5:47

3. Ray Ray 7:36
4. Del fuego 5:21

5. Hope 9:40

6. Runnin' 21:32
Novozelandska "panika" od muzika. Retko stalozena i energicna.

EKKEHRAD EHLERS Plays John Cassavettes

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

PLEJLISTA 008 # 19 april 2006

1. GHOSTFACE KILLAH 9 Milli Bros. (feat. Wu-Tang Clan) [Fishscale, 2006 / Def Jam] >>>> Mozebi najdobriot bilo koga album na Tony Starks aka Ghostface. Tuka zaedno so site od Wu druzinata. Duri i Ol' Dirty Bastard.
2. ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Queen of the hours [ELO, 1971 / Harvest Records] >>>> Pomalku zaboraven bend. Ama nezaboravno debi.
3. CANDI STATON His hands [His Hands, 2006, Astralwers] >>>> Pasioniran soul glas. Eve malku trivia: 6-godisnoto emituvanje na Sex and the city zavrsuva so Candi Staton.
4. HARPERS BIZARRE [Harpers Bizarre 4, 1969 / Warner Bros.] >>>> Kaliforniski psycho-pop bend. Broadway/choirboy stil.
5. THE SLAPPED EYEBALLERS The fake anti waltz [Sloppy Future Manipulations 12", 2006 / Sonar Kollektiv] >>>> Balt Mirczok i Dimitri Grimm. Eve gi najskoro kako album na Radio Bagdad.
6. M83 Don't save us from the flames [Before the dawn heal us, 2005 / Gooom] >>>> Anthony Gonzales e M83. Rock, rock, rock...
7. DUNGEN Festival [Ta Det Lugnt, 2004 / Subliminal Sounds] >>>> Gustav Ejstes vo imeto na Dungen poracuva Ta det lungt: "Samo poleka..."
8. MEDICINE Negative Capability [The mechanical forces of love, 2003 / Astralwers] >>>> Amerikanski odgovor na My Bloody Valentine. Poveke od dostoen.
9. DAEDELUS Impending Doom [Exquisite Corpse, 2005 / Ninja Tune] >>>> Nadreael hip hop. So MF Doom na celo.
10. XTC Cross wires [White music, 1977 / Virgin Records] >>>> Prrrviot album na cetvorkata od Swindon, Anglija. Vo nizata od 12-te fenomenalni albumi. Bez preteruvanje.
11. RAMBO AMADEUS Komedija, tragedija, drama [Oprem dobro, 2005 / B92]
12. RAMBO AMADEUS Adrenalin [Oprem dobro, 2005 / B92]
13. RAMBO AMADEUS Turbo folk [Oprem dobro, 2005 / B92] >>>> Sto da se kaze za Antonio. Toj ne go izmisli turbo folkot. Toj mu go dade (samo) imeto. Oprem dobro e zadolzitelna lektira.
album na R.B.H.P.
SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Orochi under the Straight Edge Leaves (Vivo Records)
release date 11/15/2005
1 dream're my reality
2 meme
3 .aiff skull
4 get ur freak on feat. carl stone
5 tea with red king pt.1 feat. gorvenment alpha
6 99.2142 feat. frosen pine
7 porque te vas
8 dop_jod, mixing & jam session at "Cafe Rhythm" Dec 19th 2004
9 kagi
10 glow worm
11 gardening song, music for meu-meu's video plants
12 habanero, osui_nomasare: remix by conceal
13 my underwater boy
14 tea with red king pt.2 feat. gorvenment alpha
15 spoil, candy says
16 a la verticale de l'ete
17 dream're my reality, reprise

Prasanjeto e, dali japonskoto elektronsko cudo(viste) Satanicpornocultshop, posle osumgodisno suludo eksperimentiranje, voopsto mozat da iznenadat? Sekako deka da. Eve go i dokazot: Orochi under the Straight Edge Leaves, nivnata, sedma po red monstruozna elektro hip-hop (de)montaza. I rabotite stanuvaat pojasni. Satapo pravat otstapka od svojata glavna postmodernisticka alatka - Bricolage-ot i na ponudenite 17 groteski koketiraat so "vistinski" prerabotki. I uste edno (malo) iznenaduvanje: izdavacot e polskiot Vivo Records.
"Dream're my reality" neocekuvano go otvora albumot. Lisa Tani poveke ne sepoti, bukvalno pee: "Dreams are my reality the only kind of real fantasy illusions are a common thing" (pesna od filmot La Boum, Richard Sanderson i Sophie Marceau vo glavnata filmska tema). Olesnuvanje. So narednata Satapo se veke svoi, .aiff skull citira koj-znae-kolku semplovi, (malku poveke) panicni skrec egzibicii, psihodelicna armonika, seto toa zasladeno so Wild boys motivot na Duran Duran, za kraj. Ironicniot plagijat na Missy Elliot Get ur freak on (feat. carl stone) e sledniot miks. Golemiot bit na Misi Eliot e zapostaven, gruvot kaj Satapo e pozadinski, Lisa recitira, detskiot hor furiozno ja prati vo cekor. Drasticnite eksperimenti prodolzuvaat i vo Tea with red king pt.1 so Gorvenment Alpha kako gostin. Eve ocekuvan futuristicki hip hop vo 99.2142, Frosen Pine rapuva so poln gas, go prati nadrealen dab ritam. Albumot "paga" vo Porque te vas (hmmm, uste edna prerabotka), Lisa povtorno vo peacki zanes: "Hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol y el corazón / Se pone triste contemplando la ciudad / Porque te vas" (izvorno pesna na spanskata peacka Jeanette Dimech, otkiena duri vo filmot Breeding Ravens na Carlo Saura 1977 godina). A kako Satanikpornokaltsop zavucat "vo zivo" obelodenuvaat na Dop_jod, mixing & jam session at "Cafe Rhythm" Dec 19th 2004, uste edna ekstremna Satapo percepcija na hip hop klasikata Drop it like it hot na Snoop. Albumot e veke vo svojata vtora polovina a ekscesite tuka ne zavrsuvaat. Lisa vo glavnata rolja vo Glow Worm, vo meguvreme malku klasicno elektro vo Gardening song, music for meu-meu's video plants, i (povtorno) Lisa koja go zaposednuva albumot do samiot kraj. Spoil, candy says samo gi dopira notite na Velvet Undergroung. A la verticale de l'ete inspiracijata ja naoga vo vietnamskiot film At the Height of Summer na Anh Hung Tran, a Orochi... zavrsuva tamu kade sto zapocna - so Reality.
Za polovina godina SPCS realiziraa dva dolgosvirecki proekta - Zap Meemees i Orochi..., zemaa ucestvo na albumite Tribute to John Peel: Session 5 i Billboard Head Soup a za sledniot mesec veke go najavuvaat noviot album Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos. Ni se zakanuva "teska" SPCS godina.

EKKEHARD EHLERS Plys John Cassavettes

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PLEJLISTA 007 # 11 april 2006

1. PEOPLE LIKE US & KENNY G I'm from vagina [Radio archival oddities vol. II, 2003 / WFMU] >>>> Kenny G & Vicki Bennett vo svojata collage misija. Show-to na Kenny G??????? Morate da go slusnete. ....
2. MEAT PUPPETS Sam [Forbidden places, 1991 / London Records] >>>> Od Arizona vo Radio Bagdad. Proverete gi prvite 4 albumi na MP.
3. DEERHOOF Spirit Ditties of No Tone [The runners four, 2005 / Kill rock stars] >>>> Od sega... Deerhoof vo sekoe izdanie na Radio Bagdad.
4. THE MOVE Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited [Shazam, 1970 / Repertoire] >>>> Od Birmingham, Anglija. Formirani 1966-ta. Rock so stav. Morbiden humor. Raskazuvaci par excellence.

5. VENETIAN SNARES Hajnal [Rossz Csillag Allat Született, 2005 / Planet Mu] >>>> Aaron Funk, elektronski producent i izveduvac od Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 7/4 profilirana muzika. Haos? Daaaa.
6. JAGA JAZZIST Animal chin [Animal chin EP, 2003 / Gold Standard Laboratories] >>>> Sto da se kaze? Jaga se Jaga. Fenomenalni, vo sekoj pogled.
7. DON'T! WHO? ONE. ...for Ziggy [Higherground, 1994 / Trot Records] >>>> Rubin Kantardzioski od Prilep ovoj album go podgotvuvase nepolni dve godini. I vredese. Originalno izdaden na kaseta. Podocna (1998) i na CD. Go nemate? Hmmmm....

8. JUANA MOLINA El pastor mentiroso [Segundo, 2003 / Domino] >>>> Retko originalen argentinski pop. I ne samo.

9. GENTLE GIANT Knots [Octopus, 1972 / Alucard Musis] >>>> Postoea 10 "skrisni" godini (1970-1980). Realiziraa isto tolku albumi. Kvintetot sviri bezmalku 30-tina instrumenti. Site peat. Gi vbrojuvaat vo progressive rock... Edinstveno iskustvo!!!
10. GENTLE GIANT The Boys In The Band [Octopus, 1972 / Alucard Music]
11. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Nuller? [Anorexia Gas Balloon, 2003 / Sonore]
Album na R.B.H.P.
SPARKS Hello Young Lovers [2006 / Gut Records]
1. Dick Around

2. Perfume
3. The Very Next Fight
4. (Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country
5. Rock, Rock, Rock
6. Metaphor
7. Waterproof

8. Here Kitty
9. There's No Such Thing As Aliens

10. As I Sit To Play The Organ At The Notre Dame Cathedral

Soocuvanjeto so poslednata longplej proklamacija, studiski 20-ta vo 30-godisniot opus na Sparks e direktna provokacija za setilata. So otvoreno apokalipticen recnik, orkestarski seriozno naoruzani i so vkusna doza na komicnost brakata Ron i Russell Mael nudat 10 trash rok opereti, rusejki gi berierite na pop muzikata. Toa otsekogas go pravele, duri i vo 70-tite koga pop muzikata bese mlada. "Na pop muzikata denes povtorno i nedostasuvaat ambicija i avantura... zatoa ja napravivme ovaa ploca" - ke kaze Ron Mael. I vo pravo e.
A ambicioznata avantura zapocnuva praskavo, vo barokno grandiozen stil - Dick Around i stihovite "All I do now! Is dick around! Dick around!". Nivnata Bohemian Rhapsody, definitivno. Go sakale toa ili ne, brakata Mael se odlucile tuka da kritikuvaat se postoecko, no so ladni glavi. A muzicki, sovrseno minimalno. Pianoto na Ron i glasovite na Rasel se vodeckite afrodizijaci, a vo dolgite pasazi svoe, sepak skromno ucestvo zemaat i Tammy Glover na tapani, Dean Menta na gitara (da, da, od Faith no More), uste eden gitarist - Jim Wilson i basistot Steve McDonald. Site pesni na Hello Young Lovers se unikatni i opskurni vo svojata sarmantna komunikativnost. "Golemoto" piano i multitraking glasovite napagaat prvi, go menuvaat tempoto, gi otvoraat harmoniite, koristejki za osnova samo fasciniracki zborovni trikovi i neo-klasicna elektronika, a namesta i pompezni hard-rocking rifovi. Perfume, jazzy-mambo pesnata broj 2 i singlot broj 1 nabrojuva 38 brendovi na parfemi i kulminira so "But you don't wear no perfume. That's why I want to spend my life with you" (koj uste denes pisuva vakvi tekstovi?). Nivniot anti-pop fetis go slusate i vo cinicnata politicka kritika (Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country, spektakularno ispeana antivoena opereta. Rasel e deciden: "I might as well ask you—who's your favourite Beatle? My favourite Beatle has always been Ringo. The least outspoken. The apolitical one". Kontrastot na orkestraskata banalnost i kozmetickite aranzmani tuka samo ja naglasuvaat i zaokruzuvaat ekcentricnata svirka na Sparks. Ostanuva enigmata kako toa brakata go izveduvaat so paradna lesnotija. Inspirativnosta ednostavno ne prestanuva, naprotiv se zabrzuva se do Metaphors, suluda falusna himna so hajlajt frazata "Use them wisely, use them well / And you'll never know the hell of loneliness" i povikot "CHICKS! DIG! METAPHORS!". Zivot, umetnost i se ostanato...
Sminkerski seriozniot pop i ne-sum-bas-siguren radio-friendly pesnite na Sparks vaka bizarno spakuvani komuniciraat direktno i vo lice. Hello Young Lovers e slakanica na "noviot svetski poredok", bez odlaganje. Nekoj ja narece "muzika za umni luge".
EKKEHAR EHLERS Plays John Cassavettes

Monday, April 10, 2006


Na 24 mart vo Cirque d'Hiver vo Paris se odrzaa Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 2005. Vo kategorijata Research nagradata ja dobija SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP so albumot Zap Meemees. Toj album ke go slusame, a niv gledame vo Skopje na 4. juni 2006.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

PLEJLISTA 006 # 5 april 2006

1. JAZZTRONIK Pathways "Jazztronik Theme" (2bo4 Bi-polar Re-edit by 2 Banks Of 4) [Remixes: Part II, 2006, Tokuma Japan Communications] >>>> Jazztronik aka Nozaki Ryota. Bjutiful 8 minuten miks. Bjutiful, bjutiful...
2. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Don't Let's Start [They Might Be Giants, 1993 / Restless Records] >>>> Simpaticen TMBG hit od debi albumot na John Flansburgh & John Linnell.
3. DEERHOOF O'malley, Former Underdog [The Runners Four, 2005 / Kill Rock Stars] >>>> Posledniot album na ovoj kaliforniski kvartet. Bizzare rrrrrrock.
4. TOSHACK HIGHWAY The streets that spin off [Magnetic Morning EP, 2003 / Sonic Unyon] >>>> Adam Franklin od Swervedriver so svojot posleden bend, sega zasega.
5. THE EVENS Around The Corner [The Evens, 2004 / Dischord Records] >>>> Ian MacKaye - vokal & bariton gitara & Amy Farina vokal & tapani.
6. JOE DUKIE & DJ FITCHIE Seconds [Midnight Marauders EP, 2002 / The Drop] >>>> Alter ego prosetkata na dvajcata najeksponirani od Fat Freddys Drop.
7. JAGA JAZZIST Stardust hotel (What we must, 2005 / Ninja Tune/Smalltown Supersound/Sonet] >>>> Bez ovoj album Radio Bagdad ednostavno ne moze...
8. DARONDO Didn't I [Let my people go, Ubiquity records] >>>> "Otkritieto" na Ubiquity Records. Fenomenalen glas od 70-tite.
sui_nomasare > mixing + jam session at "cafe rhythm" dec. 19th 2004 [Zap Meemees, 2005 / Sonore] >>>> Satapo vo zivoooooooooo.
SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP shoplifter @ wal-mart, fundamentalist 59,054,087!!! > satanicpornocultshop remix [Zap Meemees, 2005 / Sonore] >>>> Uste edna golema "pesna" od Zap Meemees albumot.
THE SPARKS Metaphor [Hello Young Lovers, 2006 / Gut Records] >>>> Znaes da koristis metafori? Nikogas nema da ostanes sam - tvrdat brakata Mael.

**** album na R.B.H.P.
CITAY Citay [2006 / Important Records]
12. Seasons Don't Fear the Year
13. Nice Cuffs
14. People Person
15. Vinter
16. Sticks
17. Shalom of Safed
18. Mere Woods
19. What Never Was and What Should Have Been

CITAY e kaliforniskiot proekt na Ezra Feinberg (od Piano Magic) i Tim Green (od Fucking Champs). Open-minded album. Relaksiran, isto taka. So triumfalni akusticni gitari. Misticen pagan folk. Na tragite na pocetokot na 70-tite. Harmonija na melodii i zemna psihodelija.
20. JOE HISAISHI Kikujiro ["Kikujiro no natsu" soundtrack, 1999 / Polydor] >>>> Filmskata tema od istoimeniot film na Takeshi Kitano.
EKKEHARD EHLERS Plays John Cassavetes