Monday, June 12, 2006

"Hit parada..."

Povelete... download-uvajte... uzivajte!
CITAY Nice cuffs.mp3 [Citay, 2006]
DJ OLIVE Sub Bass Commandante.mp3 [Heaps As, The Agriculture]
DABRYE feat. KADENCE Encoded Flow.mp3
MESSER CHUPS Devil Exit From Fashion.mp3 [Swingin' Single, 2004]
MARZIPAN MARZIPAN Ready.mp3 [Marzipan Marzipam, 2006]
DEERHOOF Milk Man, Giga Dance, Desapareceré + 20 drugi
"BAGHDAD RADIO.mp3" by A Baghdad Radio DJ [Lovely. Snimeno nekade vo Sunni triagolnikot, pomegu dve bitki...[. !!!! Spicata na Radio Bagdad Hit Parade !!!!
THE BEACH BOYS Ganz allein.mp3 [raritetna snimka na Beach Boys. Peat na germanski]
WILLIAM S BURROUGHS Millions of images.mp3
PEOPLE LIKE US Nothing.mp3 [Abridged Too Far, 2004]
DROP THE LIME Uccelino.mp3 [Dysis, 2001]
LUKATOYBOY Vinylence Mix.mp3
VORPAL Track 1 [An Incomplete guide to VORPAL Music]
The COCK ROCK 2006 free compilation [...Vorpal, About, Food for animals, Duran Duran Duran, Doormouse]
GO HOME PRODUCTIONS Mash ups > Basement Jaxx vs Talking Heads, My Bloody Valentine vs Beastie Boys, Nirvana vs Destiny's Child, Sonic Youth vs Christina Aguilera, Madonna vs The Sex Pistols, Joy Division vs Missy Elliot + desetici anblivbl remiksi

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