Thursday, February 21, 2008

Playlist: Radio Bagdad 20.2.2008

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Safer [Peacebone EP, 2007/Domino] .... Definicija za pesna? Safer!
EARTH Engine of ruin [The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull, 2008/Southern] .... Brilijanten nov album za Earth. Bill Frisel kako gostin na ovaa pesna.
JAMES BROWN King Heroin [There it is, 1972/Polydor]
JAZZANOVA This is the place (overture) [Belle Et Fou (Original Soundtrack), 2007/Sonar Collective]
JAZZANOVA Behold these days (Berlin 74) [Belle Et Fou (Original Soundtrack), 2007/Sonar Collective]
LALI PUNA Micronomic (Boom Bip rmx) [I Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed And B-Sides, 2005/Morr Music]
FRANK ZAPPA Montana [Over-Nite Sensation, 1973/ DiscReet Records]
CORNELIUS Music [Sensuous, 2006/ Warner Music Japan]
ADVENTURE TIME This dome is our home [From L.A. with love, 2008/Milan Records]
ZOOT WOMAN We won’t break [coming in 2008…]
FOUR TET My angel rocks back and forth (Four Teas on English Time – Icarus remix) [My angel rocks back and forth EP, 2004/Domino]
DEERHOOF Matchbook seeks maniac [Friend Opportunity, 2007/Kill Rock Stars]
STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS Gardenia [Real emotional trash, 2008/Matador Records]
CITAY Little kingdom [Little kingdon, 2007/Dead Oceans]
THE ROLLERCOASTER PROJECT What happened [Dreamboat Records 2008]
THE RESIDENTS The Sandman [The Voice Of Midnight, 2007/Mute Records]
SQUAREPUSHER My fucking sound [Go Plastic, 2001/WARP]
APPLEBLIM Mystikal Warrior [12”, Skulldisco, 2005]
J DILLA Donuts (outro), Workinonit, Waves, The diff'rence, Mash, Time the donuts of the heart, Airworks, Stepson of the clapper, The twister (huh, what), Anti-american graffiti, Geek down, One for ghost, Walkinonit, Last donut of the night [Donuts, 2006/Stones Throw]
BRIGHTBLACK MORNING LIGHT Everybody daylight [Brightblack Morning Light, 2006/Matador Records]
BEACH BOYS God only knows (acapella)
SOUND 00 002 [Autumn Girl, 2007]
MICHAEL PARENTI Globalization, The New Imperialism
ROD McKUEN The Mud Kids
180 D'Gs Christianity Is Stupid [180 D'Gs to the future, 2007]

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