Thursday, September 29, 2005


prasanje: What is a cover song?
odgovor: A cover song is a song recorded by someone other than the original artist.

p: Postoi li sajt za cover pesni i bendovi?
o: Da, se vika The Covers Project.

p: Sto sodrzi The Covers Project?

o: Abecedno klasificirani cover bendovi, kako i cover pesni.
p: Kolkava e bazata?

o: Bendovi i artisti okolu 10.000. Obrabotki... verojatno pomnozeno so (vo prosek) 10. Pa, sega vidi...

p: Mozam li da gi kontaktiram dokolku znam za nekoj cover koj tie go nemaat registrirano?

o: Da.

p: Adresata?


p: Sto ke dobijam ako napisam, na primer Duran Duran?

o: Ova.

Songs this artist has covered:
Thank You * originally by Led Zeppelin
911 Is A Joke * originally by Public Enemy
Perfect Day * originally by Lou Reed
Lay Lady Lay * originally by Bob Dylan
Success * originally by Iggy Pop
Crystal Ship * originally by The Doors
Femme Fatale * originally by The Velvet Underground
Diamond Dogs * originally by David Bowie
Fame * originally by David Bowie
Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) * originally by Steve Harley
Ball Of Confusion * originally by The Temptations

Songs originally by this artist:
Rio covered by Goldfinger
Girls on Film covered by Wesley Willis
Ordinary World covered by Something for Kate
Hungry Like the Wolf covered by Reel Big Fish
New Religion covered by Jimmy Eat World
Save A Prayer covered by Push Kings
Girls on Film covered by Billy Preston
Save a Prayer covered by Tony Hadley
Ordinary World covered by Aurora
Is There Something I Should Know? covered by The Mr. T Experience
Wild Boys covered by Atrocity
The Night Boat covered by Deftones
Planet Earth covered by J Church
The Chauffeur covered by Deftones
The Chauffeur covered by Powderfinger
Planet Earth covered by Hate Dept.
Save a Prayer covered by Eve's Plum
Girls on Film covered by The Living End
Rio covered by Bodyjar
Is There Something I Should Know covered by Allstars
Girls on Film covered by Girls Aloud
Ordinary World covered by Kurt Nilsen
Hold Back the Rain covered by Buck-O-Nine


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Игор Стојановски said...

Што кур е со овие тапа постови. абе ова преработкиве све од млади поп панк бендови у главбном

имам две копилации на преработки :панк гоус ејтис i punk gous metal: од Fearless records

ги имам ќе ти ги снима ако сакаш.