Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PLEJLISTA 003 # 15 mart 2006

CURTIS MAYFIELD (Don't worry) If there's a hell below we're all gonna go [Curtis, 1970, Curtom Records] >>>> Po Immpressions, Curtis so svojot prv solo album. Ednostavno nenadminliv.
SPACEK Eve [Curvatia, 2001, Blue/Island] >>>> Steve Spacek, vistinski r'nb, braka i sestri.
JACKSON AND HIS COMPUTER BAND Utopia [Smash, 2005, Warp Records] >>>> Jacson Fourgeaud, 25-godisniot pariski producent... najdobroto nesto od Francija od vremeto na Daft Punk.
THE STONES THROW SINGERS Rain of Earth [Dimension Mix (Tibute to BRUCE HAACK), 2005, Eenie Meenie Records] >>>> Tribjut na Bruce Haack, kralot na tehnoto...
SLUTS OF TRUST Greatest gift [We are all sluts of trust, 2004, Chemical Underground Records] >>>> John McFarlane + Anthony O'Donnell = Sluts of Trust. Vrzete se - poletuvame!
TORTOISE & BONNIE "PRINCE" BILLY Cravo e Canela [The brave and the bold, 2005, Domino] >>>> Fenomenalen spoj, odlicna ploca.
THE STROKES Razorblade [First impressions on Earth, 2006, RCA] >>>> The Strokes... Vesti i poletni.
SOFA SURFERS Strings [Sofa Surfers, 2006, Klein Records] >>>> Posle tolku godini elektroniranje, avstrijancite Sofa Surfers vo r'n'r faza. Dali?
J DILLA TRIBUTE >>>> February 7 1974 - February 10 2006 JAMES JANCEY aka JAY DEE aka J DILLA, neprikosnoveniot hip hop producent od Detroit.
DE LA SOUL Stakes is high
FOOD FOR ANIMALS Elephants [Cockrockdisco records free mp3's] >>>> Eve tuka.
ABOUT Think Niles Drink [Cockrockdisco records free mp3's] >>>> I tuka.
VORPAL Gymnopedie v1.01 [Cockrockdisco records free mp3's] >>>> I tuka.
WEVIE STONDER Stalemate [The wooden horse of Troy, 2005, Skam Records] >>>> Itchy Genius, Henry Music and M.C., potocno Wevie Stonder. Oooooooriginalno.
WEVIE STONDER Und [Drawing on other people's heads, 2002, Skam Records] >>>> Nivniot Skam Records.
WEVIE STONDER When the last thing you want is the first thing you get [The wooden horse of Troy, 2005, Skam Records] >>>> Slusni go show-to na Mike Lupica (ti treba Real Player). Eve ja i plejlistata.
LOU REED The raven [The raven, 2003, Sire Records] >>>> Svirese na 12-ti vo Beograd. Go gledal nekoj?
LOU REED Hop frog [The raven, 2003, Sire Records] >>>>
FAT FREDDY'S DROP This room [Based on a true story, 2005, The Drop, 2005] >>>> 7 piece live Dub/Reggae band from Wellington, New Zeland. Hmmmmmm....
I WOLF Tear it all down feat. Damon Aaron [Soul Strata, 2003, Klein Records] >>>> I Wolf od Sofa Surfers solo. Ama kakvo solo?
EKKEHARD Ehlers Plays John Cassavetes... za kraj...

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